UPDATE: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC Rebranded to Game Pass and Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass

UPDATE: In a humorous tweet, Microsoft have explained what the rebranding means. Using comic sans font on a plain white background, the image explains that the “X ball” still acts as short-hand for Xbox.

As such Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass For PC are keeping their names. The advantages for the rebranding (including some more satirical positives) are as follows:

  • “uses less ink if you print it out
  • covers less of the gameplay for when we gotta put it in trailers and stuff
  • 8 letters divided by 2 words = 4 and this is 4 all of you
  • has cool stacked variation
  • thicc(er) font
  • more c o m p a c t
  • costs less to get as a tattoo”


Microsoft have rebranded their Xbox Game Pass subscription service- dropping the “Xbox” for Game Pass and Game Pass for PC- but only on Twitter.

The news comes as the official Twitter accounts for Xbox Games Pass and Xbox Games Pass for PC changed their profile pictures. Both now read Games Pass and Games Pass for PC respectively, while keeping the Xbox “X” logo. The Twitter names and the official Xbox website are still using Xbox Game Pass.

The name change is curious, considering that if the the “Xbox” part of the name was dropped, it could be assumed that both Game Pass services would merge (with individual games under the service listed as being available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and combinations there-of).

A lack of consistency across the board is also odd. Larger scale companies typically attempt to keep their branding religiously uniform. While the “X-ball” is synonymous with Xbox, has it grown to the point it is as recognizable as Micky Mouse’ symbol is for Disney?

In earlier news, every game shown during the July Xbox Games Showcase was revealed to be coming to the Games Pass subscription service; on Xbox One and Xbox Series X where applicable.

Further in Xbox online news, Microsoft announced Halo Infinite would have free-to-play online multiplayer. Combined with how Microsoft stopped selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, some have speculated that the paid Xbox Live service is being phased out as the Xbox Series X launches.

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