Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases New Battletoads Game

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Previously, we got word of a potential Battletoads remake of sorts by the Microsoft-owned developer Rare.

First there was the trademark and first tease from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, and more recently Microsoft Studios’ Creative Director, Ken Lobb, said the company “has plans” for older series like Battletoads (among others).

Now, Battletoads is being hinted at yet again, but this time it’s much more subtle. Featured above, you can view a shot of Spencer in today’s Windows 10 keynote, rocking a Battletoads-emblazoned shirt.

If you’ve ever followed his appearances at Microsoft press conferences, you’ll know that his previous shirts have teased at things which are confirmed/revealed later. He previously wore Capybara Games, Press Play Studios, and State of Decay t-shirts at the 2013 E3 expo (he alternated), all of which got Xbox One announcements. During last year’s E3, he wore a Limbo t-shirt, a game which came to Xbox One later that year.

When he spoke to GameSpot regarding the Battletoads t-shirt’s authenticity, he let out another tease:

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake. I wouldn’t do that.”

So could we be getting a reveal at their E3 press conference? Would you like to see a Battletoads remake?

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