Xbox announced 4 unnamed exclusives are coming to other consoles

Sea of Thieves

In their recent Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft announced that 4 titles will be coming to other consoles soon.

The titles in question remain unnamed, but what we do know is that they won’t be Starfield or Indiana Jones.

What little was said about the 4 soon-to-be-multiplatform titles is that:

  • 2 of them are community-driven, live-service games
  • The other 2 are smaller games that weren’t necessarily meant to be exclusives anyways

You can check out the podcast for yourself here:

In recent weeks, as rumors of Xbox exclusives going multiplatform has grown, fans have been throwing out their own theories for what games will finally be available to a wider audience. Chief among them are Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush.

Microsoft went out of their way to say “other consoles” instead of just saying PlayStation 5 (PS5), this could mean that some of these titles could be coming to Nintendo Switch as well.

We’ll keep you up to date here at Niche Gamer as we learn more.



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