X: Rebirth is a Mind Blowing Space Sim Coming This Fall

X Rebirth SS 7

X: Rebirth is a space sim set in an enormous and extremely detailed set in a universe simply known as “X”. The developers Egosoft are based out of Würselen, Germany. Between their graphical prowess and other talented German developers, the region has become a hive of talented game developers.

X: Rebirth is the latest in their long established franchise of X games, dating back to 1999 – it is also the sixth iteration of the franchise. The game is a single player space combat and trading simulator, featuring robust worlds that you can explore in any way you choose. Yes, this game is an open ended sandbox.

The reason why I’m more excited for this game over an equal outing from say, Chris Roberts with Star Citizen – it’s a single player only game. Yeah, call me jaded but I just can’t do multiplayer games that much anymore and this game is custom tailored for the single player experience.

Check out the insanely awesome scale and detail gameplay trailer below:

Also, here’s a video showing off how the controls work:

Check out some crazy awesome looking screenshots below:

X Rebirth SS 1 X Rebirth SS 2 X Rebirth SS 5
X Rebirth SS 3 X Rebirth SS 4 X Rebirth SS 6

If you want to see more of the game, you can check out their steam page here, and their website here.



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