Wuxia-style RPG Wandering Sword is now available on PC

Wandering Sword

Chinese martial arts RPG Wandering Sword is now available on Steam, with a special launch discount.

Wandering Sword is available now on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Spiral Up Games is thrilled to announce the official release of their highly anticipated Wuxia-style RPG, Wandering Sword. Previously garnering a top spot in Steam Next Fest’s most downloaded demos, the game is now available for purchase on Steam at a retail price of $24.99 USD. In celebration of the release, gamers can take advantage of a special 12% launch discount during the first week of launch.

Wandering Sword provides a unique role-playing journey that beautifully combines pixel art with the profound allure of ancient Chinese martial arts culture. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of a young swordsman entangled in a perilous feud. Explore a world illustrated through exquisite 3D pixel art, from bustling towns to picturesque landscapes. Form bonds with fellow martial artists, lend a helping hand to those in need, and hone a diverse array of martial arts skills and weaponry. Embrace your fate and embark on your path to become the legendary Wuxia master you’re destined to be.

Key Features

  • Embark On A Grand Odyssey Through Ancient China – Journey through over 75 breathtaking locations across 5 diverse regions in Wandering Sword, each echoing the richness and allure of ancient China’s tradition and landscape. Explore a world filled with bustling ancient Chinese towns, scenic mountains, picturesque rivers, dangerous lairs, treacherous terrains and more!
  • Wide Array of Martial Arts & Weapons – Wandering Sword brings to life a diverse array of martial arts moves and weaponry. As you traverse the land, you’ll unravel hundreds of martial arts techniques and weapon styles. Cultivate your energy through meridian points, gain expertise in both external and internal forms, and achieve true mastery of martial prowess.
  • Innovative Dual Mode Combat – Wandering Sword introduces an innovative combat system that operates on a tiled board and offers players the flexibility to switch between turn-based and real-time mode. This dual mode approach caters to both traditional RPG players who prefer a slower pace and those who enjoy real-time action that demands quick reflexes.
  • Build Relationships with Realistic NPCs – Building relationships is an integral part of your journey in Wandering Sword. Connect with NPCs, recruit up to 14 unique martial artists along your journey, each with their distinctive abilities. The NPCs have been designed to simulate realistic behavior, living their own lives filled with adventures and martial arts practice. Navigate your relationships wisely, and you may even find love in this intricate world of martial arts!
  • Multiple Endings & High Replayability – Delve into an immersive Wuxia adventure with Wandering Sword. Boasting multiple endings shaped by the choices you make throughout the game and a wide array of side quests supplementing the main storyline, enjoy over 20 hours of engaging gameplay that promises high replayability and a fresh experience with each adventure.
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