Giant space turtle colony sim World Turtles launches next month

World Turtles

Developer Re: cOg Mission have announced World Turtles is finally launching via early access next month.

Their space colony sim is set to launch on May 1st via Steam. It’ll also get released on platforms such as GOG and in the future. World Turtles was originally set to enter early access back in August 2022, but was delayed.

World Turtles is a colony sim with a bit of a twist. As players will have to build and grow their space civilization atop a giant turtle and will have to mix both the needs of the world they live on and the needs of the tribe.

Here’s the release date trailer:

Here’s a rundown (via Steam):

World Turtles

World Turtles is a wholesome colony builder where you guide a tribe of creatures called Meeps in their mission to save themselves and the life of the World Turtle they live on. Will you find peaceful, sustainable means of existing in harmony with your world and neighboring Meeps, rather than heartlessly exploiting or conquering one and all? Will you navigate the forces of nature, learn how they work and harness their power to affect progress without destruction? Will you be a part of the journey?


In World Turtles the player must guide the Meeps in their journey to save both their World Turtle and themselves. To do this they need you. Help them with gathering resources, constructing buildings, expanding their skills, improving their efficiency, forming societies and researching new ways of advancing and improving the environment.

They, and their children, are going to need all the help they can get if they are to have a chance of saving their turtle. And who knows? Along the way, you may meet and save others too as the Turtle flies through different parts of space with various characteristics.


  • Lead a small tribe of Meeps and evolve them into a thriving self-sufficient and efficient community.
  • Set on, and actually involving, a huge turtle floating through space.
  • The Turtle’s position in space impacts life on the Turtle, including climate and water levels.
  • Prioritize separate technology trees per building type, coupled with an overall technology tree.
  • Explore the far reaches of your turtle to find new lands and cooperate with other bands of Meeps.
  • Balance Meeps experience to progress and improve efficiency.
  • Conquer land, water, air and space… together… for good.
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