Blizzard Entertainment Remove Flirting and Inappropriate Jokes from World of Warcraft Player Characters

World of Warcraft Succubus

Blizzard Entertainment have removed flirting and sexually suggestive or otherwise “inappropriate” jokes from World of Warcraft player characters.

The developer has been altering content within the MMORPG after the outbreak of the ongoing Activision Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit. You can find our most recent coverage here. This initially began with removing and renaming content that directly referenced employees who had been named in the allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Since then other changes have included censoring in-game paintings featuring women with deep cleavage or in their underwear, removing “negative” emotes (which some may deem suggest physical or sexual assault and mockery) and adding more positive ones, renaming suggestive enemies, mounts, and achievements.

Male ghosts were added to the previously all-female Karazhan; all formerly mistresses and concubines. While the women transform into Banshees and Succubi, the men turn into Wraiths and Satyrs.


Now, Blizzard Entertainment are removing certain player character dialogue that is triggered when using flirting or telling jokes in Patch 9.1.5. As expected, lines with sexual innuendo have been removed.

Flirting that could be deemed “too direct” have been removed, along with jokes that may be deemed mocking a real-life race or culture. Some lines that have been removed also seem to avoid mocking those who have had abusive fathers, references to real-life rappers, and even a line from the female human disagreeing with stereotypes (“Why does everyone automatically assume I know tailoring and cooking?”)

You can find the full list here via WoWHead, along with some of the removed lines uploaded by YouTuber OgreJoe; including those from the Worgen not in the WoWHead post.

In addition, King Ymiron has had a line removed. Players can recruit him as an Order Hall champion, and repeatedly clicking on him would cause him to enter a (censored) profanity-laden rant. This too has been removed.

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