World of Warcraft releases Hardcore death stats by class

World of Warcraft Hardcore

World of Warcraft has released the death stats by class for their Hardcore servers.

World of Warcraft Hardcore servers take a page from Diablo and give players one life per character. On the immense grind that is Classic WoW, players can easily invest days worth of gametime into leveling a character, only to have it ripped away by lag, other players, or just plain old poor decision making.

Topping out the list is Hunter, which is surprising until you give it a bit of thought.

Hunter is one of the safest classes to play in World of Warcraft Hardcore, you have a pet that can pull aggro, you have Feign Death to drop aggro, you have slows and can kite. However, it’s because of these reasons that Hunter likely attracts the most players, and between the sheer volume of Hunters alongside the false confidence all their tools provide, it’s little wonder they have the most deaths.

Then the fewest deaths belong to Shaman and Paladin for similar reasons. They likely just aren’t played as much. Both of those classes are faction specific in the early days of World of Warcraft and when it comes to versatility, Druid is a more popular option.

You can check out the full list below.

World of Warcraft Hardcore Deaths

World of Warcraft is available on Windows PC, and Mac (via The latest expansion, Dragonflight, launched in November 2022.

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