World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria event derailed by frog exploit

World of Warcraft Timeless Isle Frogs

World of Warcraft recently began its Mists of Pandaria: Remix event, where players can revisit the classic expansion with some new features and time-limited unlockables.

The big appeal is the new “Cloak of Infinite Potential”. It’s a cloak that scales infinitely, players will receive “Threads” that empower the cloak with stats, allowing players to grind out to never-before-seen levels of power.

However, an old tactic popped up that’s practically derailed the event. On the Timeless Isle zone, there are frogs that spawn infinitely. Unlike most spawn points, the frogs spawn instantly after being killed, allowing coordinated teams to endlessly kill frogs without a break.

These frogs (like all mobs in the Remix event) were dropping Bronze coins, Threads, and even Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. The charms became the sticking point, as for every 10 collected allows players to fulfill a repeatable quest for the game’s factions, and each turn-in awards a small chest for the event which comes with Threads, gems, and other event-specific goodies.

Players farmed these frogs until their stats were ENORMOUS and some players could almost one-shot heroic raids. Most notably, one player had over 7 million HP (for reference, most tanks in Retail WoW have around 1.2-2 million).

The frog “exploit” was quickly hotfixed and they no longer drop Charms. However many players feel the damage is done and without any kind of catch-up mechanic or rollback, these players will continue to trivialize what was meant to be a months long event.

Not only are these players incredibly powerful, but they’re also able to grind out the Bronze required to unlock the time-limited cosmetics.

World of Warcraft is available on Microsoft Windows (through The newest expansion The War Within is set to release later this year.



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