World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Now Available

The newest expansion to Blizzard’s titanic franchise has officially launched today. Legion will have the players once again working along side Warcraft heroes to overcome a foe who’s power can once again wipe out all life on Azeroth.

Following the story of Warlords of Draenor, Gul’Dan of the Shadow Council is now working along side Sargaras , a powerful demon who’s mighty army, The Burning Legion has conquered all life in the universe, except for Azeroth. The players must work together with Illidan’s demon hunter renegades to fight back the Legion and once and for all defeat Sargaras.

New the the expansion are artifact weapons, the player will collect the weapons of famous characters from Warcraft lore, and upgrade and forge them anew with new appearances and power. For example, my character on Illidan is a Shaman, and after the opening questline for Legion, I now have in my possession Doomhammer, Thrall’s mighty weapon. There are also class halls that players can work to upgrade, similar to Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor.

The most interesting feature that I’ve seen in Legion so far is that the zones are no longer level restricted, instead you can choose where you want to quest, and as you level, the quests and mobs will scale with you.

While it definitely isn’t niche, it’s hard to ignore that Blizzard have chose to do some very interesting things with Legion, and I for one will be interested in seeing where they go with it going forward.

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