World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.2 Tank Mythic+ Season 3 Tier List

World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.2 PTR Tank Tier List Mythic+ Season 3 Mythic

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream is currently in its PTR stage, and players are curious to see which classes come out on top.

The biggest purpose of public test realms, aside from getting a sneak peek at new content, is to check out which classes are going to be strong in the new patch, and thankfully we managed to compile a list.

Below you can take a look at the top Tank classes for Mythic+ Season 3 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight‘s upcoming 10.2 patch:

S Tier

S-tier specializations are the absolute best at what they do, and are essentially what you always want to bring when given the choice.

Keep in mind that every single specialization can clear a +20 Mythic+ key, it just happens S-tier specializations will have a much easier time doing it.

Vengeance Demon Hunter:

To nobody’s surprise, the Vengeance Demon Hunter specialization continues incredibly strong, possibly as the best tank in the upcoming 10.2 patch.

This is thanks to the removal of the target cap in the Fiery Brand skill, as well as the insane damage coming from their new 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses to the Sigil of Flame skill.

Vengeance Demon Hunters have everything: insane mitigation, extremely high damage, and an overall high survivability, as well as plenty of utility skills that disable enemies, making them the best choice of tank for the upcoming patch.

Blood Death Knight (Potentially):

The Blood Death Knight specialization hasn’t received some love in a while, so it’s nice to see them potentially be one of the S tier specializations.

The verdict isn’t out yet, but their status as the only tank that can benefit from a 2-H strength legendary weapon makes them the likely candidate for a spot in the S tier ranks.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and their status as an S tier is definitely a little shaky, but the push from the upcoming legendary weapon, as well as their buffs and overall changes, may solidify them as one of the best tanking choices.

A+ Tier

A+ tier is where essentially every specialization should be: just short of being broken, but undeniably strong. Unfortunately, things aren’t always like that, but 10.2 has quite a few newcomers to this tier.

It’s worth noting that these specializations are also extremely desirable to have in your party composition, as not every group can be entirely composed of S+ specializations.

Protection Paladin:

Protection Paladins continue their status as a solid A+ choice. The specialization always featured a good amount of damage, as well as unparalleled survivability, making it hard to remember a patch where they weren’t strong.

Protection Paladins still remain as a jack of all trades in the tanking space, but being forced to play around the Consecration skill might make them not feel very fun to play in the upcoming 10.2 patch.

The 2-piece and 4-piece tier set bonuses for the specialization both focus on Consecration, which limit the Paladin’s movement and positioning options while it is active, making them a strong, but static force to be reckoned with.

Protection Warrior:

Protection Warriors remain solid in the tier list, but find themselves lower than they usually would be.

They are considered one of the most durable tanks in the upcoming magic-damage-heavy 10.2 patch, but at the same time suffer from a glaring weakness.

Protection Warriors aren’t useful if things cannot be blocked or reflected, making their usage somewhat limited. They still make up for it with survivability and a good amount of damage, but may underperform depending on the fight they get taken in.

Their damage output and synergy with melee DPS players is definitely still enough to net them a place as an A+ tier, though.

A Tier

A tier is a bittersweet spot to be in, essentially meaning that your specialization is viable, but could be much better.

This goes doubly for tanks, considering how being an A tier means being at the bottom of the tier list, even if all specializations are on a somewhat even playing field.

Brewmaster Monk:

Brewmaster Monks have been suffering for the last few patches, and even though they see some improvements in 10.2, it’s still not enough for them to make it out of A tier.

They remain relatively squishy when compared to other tanks, and just lack the damage output to be really strong. Brewmaster Monks will also constantly face survivability issues in higher level Mythic+ keys, and require quite a bit of tuning to be viable.

Their 2-piece and 4-piece tier sets give them bonuses for shadowflame damage in the Breath of Fire skill, giving it synergy with Stagger, allowing them to absorb damage relative to the shadowflame damage they deal. It’s a bit of an awkward playstyle, which may make the Brewmaster Monk even less desirable for players.

Guardian Druid:

Guardian Druids have received possibly the worst Season 3 tier set skills, putting them at the very bottom of the tanking list.

While still viable in all key levels, due to their good damage and survivability, Gurdian Druids find themselves in a weak spot, with an even weaker tier set.

The 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses turn the rage spent during Rage of the Sleeper into Dream Thorns, which provide a 25% damage absorption bonus. Compared to other tanks, this is extremely underwhelming, and may kill high-level play for the Guardian Druid specialization during Season 3.

Well, there you go, this was our World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ tier list for the Tank classes. We hope you are having a lot of fun with Dragonflight, and that your favorite specialization will be strong in the upcoming 10.2 patch.

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