World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore – Top 5 Leveling Classes

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Leveling Classes

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore is extremely punishing, but with the right choice of class things can be much easier.

Certain classes, like the Warrior, suffer a lot during leveling up, while others, like the Warlock, get to watch their pet do most of the work while they sit back and relax.

Certain classes definitely find their footing later on when it comes to dungeons and raids, but we can’t ignore how leveling is a major part of the Classic experience, especially when it comes to Hardcore. Below you can find the 5 best leveling classes in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore.

5- Rogue

Believe it or not, a class without any self-healing has made it on to the list, and it’s not the only one, as we’ll see later.

Rogues have an incredibly easy time dealing with enemies, can stealth around threats, and get to interrupt spell casting, which can turn dangerous enemies into a joke.

Rogues would be much higher on the list if they didn’t have a slight problem, which is their reliance on gear. Not only are they a bit squishy because of their leather armor, but gear directly impacts their main hand and off-hand attacks. If you can keep up with the equipment demands as enemies scale in level, however, your Rogue can become quite deadly.

4- Paladin

Paladins are jacks of all trades, and can move through most of the leveling content relatively unscathed.

Paladins can tank, deal damage, heal themselves, and more. Their kit is extremely well-rounded, and they make for great duos.

The biggest downside to the Paladin class is how boring it can be to play it, as it’s commonly called a point-and-click or Runescape class, due to its reliance on auto attacks.

3- Warlock

Warlocks would be considered solid magic casters even if their pets were taken away, but the Voidwalker brings them into the higher tiers.

The Voidwalker can tank almost any threat reliably while the Warlock gets to sit back throwing shadow bolts at the enemies. If things get too bad, they can be sacrificed into a massive shield, which lasts 30 seconds.

Warlocks deal an incredible amount of damage, can life tap for more mana, and can fear enemies when things get too dire. They have one of the safest playstyles in the game, and are probably the best class to start off as a newcomer.

2- Mage

It’s hard to think of a point in World of Warcraft history where mages weren’t strong, as they have been on never-ending spree since vanilla.

Mages get insane AOE damage in Classic, and have a plethora of tools to get away from fights when things get too dire. Slowing and rooting enemies is the bread and butter of the class, as the Frost spells allow for some A+ crowd control.

There definitely is a barrier of entry to playing Mages, though, as things can go bad extremely fast for unprepared players. Keeping your distance from enemies is crucial, especially when doing risky mob pulls, which new players might not be comfortable with.

1- Hunter

If Warlocks didn’t convince you that pet classes were extremely strong, then the Hunter might change your mind.

On top of their excellent mobility and ranged kiting, Hunters also get a pet that scales with levels instead of gear, meaning that as you level up, your pet is guaranteed to get much stronger, unlike your character, who needs equipment.

Hunters are extremely beginner-friendly, and can deal with most enemies easily. Even players who don’t want to kite enemies around will still have a decent time as a Hunter, as they are simply very strong.

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