World of Grimm Preview – Fairy tale deckbuilding action

World of Grimm

When you think of fairy tales, what comes to mind? Do you think of the popular Disney franchises that many grew up on such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, or Hansel & Gretel?

Maybe you weren’t allowed to watch cartoons or Disney movies as a kid, some were introduced to the Grimms’ Fairy Tales through the ABC show’s Once Upon a Time or Grimm. Those two shows gave audiences a darker adaptation of the renowned Disney films, which are based on the 19th century Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

At PAX East 2024, we met with Static City Games to check out their game the World of Grimm and see how it compares to the Disney cartoons and other adaptations. So what is the World of Grimm? Read on to find out!


At first, the game took a bit to get used to. In a way, the game is a blend of Hearthstone and Magic. Cards have attack power, health, and mana contribution. When playing, you will need to pick between one of the three realms.

At times, the game will not clearly show which realms will spawn and what their abilities are so you will have to plan around that. The objective of the game is to control two of the reams by the end of the match.

In order to control two of the realms, you will need to have a higher attack power. Each card has its own unique abilities, stats, and themes. Learning to control each zone will help you win the game.

While playing through the demo, I completely missed the mana aspect and just tried to play whichever cards were possible. Meanwhile, the art on each card and realm was beautifully illustrated and made us want to look at them further rather than winning the match.

The first three matches we played were fairly simple but the fourth match kicked it up a notch. The game scratched the competitive itch and made me want to play more.

After playing a few matches, we spoke with the creators behind World of Grimm to find out how they came up with the game, fine-tuned it, and their future plans for the game.

World of Grimm is currently in Early Access on Steam; the game launched on March 19th on Steam and has been positively received.

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