World Dai Star anime premieres this Spring

World Dai Star

The anime series for the mixed media project World Dai Star will premiere this spring.

World Dai Star is a planned mixed-media project coming this year. For those unaware, a mixed-media project is generally planned releases for anime, manga, and games for a new franchise.

All the parts of the project are intended to basically advertise for one another. A recent example being Uma Musume Pretty Derby which is an anime unto itself, but is basically a promotion for the mobile game, and vice-versa.

Not much is known about the story beyond a phenomena known as “Dai Stars” becoming popular in the 20th century. The series will feature the voice work of bilingual talent Sally Amaki, among others.

World Dai Star is the latest from studio Lerche who are known for their work on Classroom of the EliteAsobi Asobase, and Hakumei and Mikochi.

World Dai Star will premiere on April 9 as part of the Spring 2023 anime season.



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