Wordle players outraged and confused by ‘MANGA’ answer

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Wordle is serious business, at least to some people; and that intensity was on full display over the puzzle on June 10 which featured MANGA as the answer.

Users took to comments at The New York Times to voice their displeasure, some users sharing how they lost their winstreaks to an “unfair” and “foreign” word that some players have “never heard of before”.

Here’s some of the funnier comments.

Virtually from Greenwich has never heard of the word before “ANYWHERE”.

I think the manga section at a book store is bigger than the salsa section at a grocery store.

You’d think Wordle fans would update their dictionaries.

Last I checked there weren’t Wordle conventions.

50 years old, Master’s Degree, hasn’t set foot in a bookstore in 30 years.

You can read the whole comment section for yourself here. The upset players clearly have contempt for Japanese media, so maybe they can find a job in localization?

Wordle is a popular online puzzle game where players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Given the game has been running for years now, it’s a given that some more obscure words would start to appear. But we’d argue that manga isn’t obscure at all. Go figure.


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