Witcher TV show season 3 delayed over COVID so Henry Cavill tinkers with his PC


Fans of the Netflix adaption of The Witcher will be sad to hear it’s third season was delayed due to COVID – but perhaps some respite comes with Henry Cavill shenanigans.

Despite the delay, the show luckily started filming in April earlier this year, meaning fans won’t have to wait long for their favorite monster hunter, Geralt to appear again.

In the meantime, Geralt actor Henry Cavill opted to do what most of us did when the lockdowns first began: play video games on his PC. Unfortunately, it would appear from his latest posts that he was forced to upgrade his computer.

“My AIO cooler decided to give up on me due to transit and the absurd heat wave in the UK recently,” Cavill said on Instagram.

He added, “Soooo while replacing it, I decided to upgrade my fans as well.”

Cavill opted to go with a Noctua fans, but his PC GPU is still showing 64 degrees on the CPU and 68 degrees on the GPU. But he assured fans, that those were “in-game temps”.

Perhaps he is upgrading his PC in preparation of the next Witcher game? Read more about that in our previous report.

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Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.