WildStar Shutting Down on November 28

Following the recent news that both WildStar and developer Carbine Studios were shutting down, we’ve learned the cutoff date for the game.

The game will shutdown on Nocember 28th – news confirmed via its official website. In-game purchases are now unavailable, and recent purchases can also get refunds for their purchases.

A final update was released for the game today as the developer is winding it down for closure. It includes:

  • Any Protobucks you have will be converted to Omnibits at a 1:1 conversion.
  • Omnibit drops are being increased.
  • The Omnibit cap has been raised substantially.
  • All in-game store items will be purchasable with Omnibits.
  • All seasonal store items and rotating costumes/mounts will be available on the store.
  • All Signature Station items will be available on the regular store.
  • Everyone will receive Signature status.
  • Gear drops from Prime instances and raids have had their base ilevel increased higher than they normally would be.
  • Primal Essence gain rates are being substantially increased.
  • Select endgame reputations can be maxed out, letting you access everything the faction vendors have to offer.
  • And more!


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