Wildcard’s Genesis Mint Launches April 20 on Magic Eden 

Wildcard has announced the release of their first Web3 asset: the WildPass. The Genesis WildPass will be available to mint exclusively on Magic Eden on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

The WildPass is the key to unlocking exclusive opportunities within the Wildcard Universe.

The Genesis Mint, comprised of 4,444 WildPasses, will grant passholders access to exclusive opportunities within the Wildcard Web3 ecosystem, including lifetime WildList (Allowlist) access, holder-only events, and more great utilities. 

Utilities for the Genesis WildPass will include:

  • Holder-only airdrops.
  • Forever WildList access.
  • Exclusive private developer access, such as holder-only roundtable discussions, roadmap sneak peeks, etc.
  • Priority access to playtesting, collab, and partnership programs.
  • Early access to ownership opportunities within the Wildcard Ecosystem.

Wildcard’s mint phases will proceed as previously announced. Phase 1, Jot’s List, provides first access to the mint and a guaranteed opportunity to mint at least one WildPass. Phase 2, the Collabs/Collectors List, will be next to mint their WildPass on a first come, first served basis. Finally, Wildcard will offer any remaining WildPasses during Phase 3, the public mint.

Opportunities for remaining WildList spots are limited but available. These opportunities will be announced on Wildcard’s Discord and Twitter channels.

What is Wildcard?

Wildcard is designed to be the ultimate spectator sport, combining elements of a collectible card game with the strategy of a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) played in real-time. Led by visionary co-founders and married couple Paul Bettner and Katy Drake Bettner, Wildcard’s goal is to create a new kind of spectator game where the immersive Wildcard Universe extends beyond simply playing the game. With a team of experienced game developers and IP creators behind it, Wildcard is poised to be a major player in the gaming industry and a leader in the adoption of Web3 technology. 

Wildcard’s unique leveraging of Web3 technologies marks the beginning of a new genre of online games, where being a fan is as fundamental to the experience as being a competitor battling it out in the arena. Wildcard uses Web3 to elevate these roles within the community so that competitors can connect, interact, and transact directly with their supporters. With over six years of development in the making, Wildcard’s unique Web3 infrastructure makes it possible for everyone to participate in the experience.

The Wildcard Genesis WildPass Mint is your first chance to play in the Wildcard ecosystem. This is just the first of many mints to come! But don’t forget, WildPass holders will receive exclusive perks as holders of the first digital asset to be used in the Wildcard Universe.

To watch Wildcard’s first Exhibition: Melee on the Meteor, click Here

To learn more about Wildcard’s Genesis WildPass Mint, click Here


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