Wild Hearts gets review bombed on PC for bad performance, hotfix patch coming

The hack-and-slash monster-hunting game Wild Hearts recently released and while we loved it – maybe it came out too early.

Steam users report that the game runs very poorly on PC, these issues seem to mostly be affecting AMD users due to CPU bottlenecks.

It’s worth nothing we aren’t fully sure yet on the scope of the problems – though it’s possibly a really consistent issue, considering the amount of bad feedback.

The game currently sits on Steam with a Mostly Negative score of 39%, which is excessively low for the platform.

Wild Hearts‘ $70 dollar price tag also did not sit well with a lot of players, many user reviews claim that if a game is going to be more expensive than normal, it should at least should work properly.

Electronic Arts has stated a patch is coming that will hopefully fix the game’s problems, but it remains to be seen if this will convince players to give the game another shot.

A reminder that we have a review for Wild Hearts here on the site if you want to hear about some positive aspects of the game.

Wild Hearts is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows (through Steam or EA).

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