Wholesome McDonald’s Japan ad gets users debating

A small portion of social media, specifically Twitter, has continued to find ways to get angry at everything as a recent McDonald’s ad in Japan was their next target.

The McDonald’s Japan Twitter account shared a sweet animated video featuring a family enjoying their fast food, garnering over tens of millions of views:

Many found the video to be wholesome, while making them lament over the fact that the United States “has no such ads” (Western ads tend to have some sort of agenda). However, there was naturally a small contingent that was offended by the video.

A few critics called it “right-wing propaganda” (though, most said this sarcastically), or took offense that the family in the video was “white” (even though it was using an anime aesthetic and was made in Japan).

Others were “weirded out” that some people were “desperately” wanting a family in the comments. Most of the comments overall were positive (if not self-deprecating), however.

Here are some of the angry/stranger comments:

One user even showed a prominent McDonald’s USA ad for comparison:

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