When We Get Back Home: America’s first weebs

When We Get Back Home

I guess technically the first weebs might have been the Dutch but this is close enough. When We Get Back Home From Japan is a 1953 comic book with comics by Bill Hume and commentary by author John Annarino.

The book was intended as a series of gags that American soldiers stationed in post-war Japan could relate to.

After spending many years in the country, they joked that some of the habits and cultural values they picked up there would be odd back in the states.

Things like taking your shoes off in the house, sliding doors, and kotatsus are played up as a subject for gags to culture shocked wives and family members when the man of the house returns from abroad.

Hume is largely known for his slightly erotic comic Babysan which was also published in Japan which featured a flirtatious young Japanese woman and joked about the cultural dissonance between her and servicemen at the time.

The comic was rediscovered by one Twitter user who couldn’t help but note the similarities between American servicemen and modern weebs.

When We Get Back Home From Japan is available to read on the Internet Archive Digital Library.

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