What We Know About Old School Runescape on Mobile

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Have you ever wanted to take Runescape on those long commutes to and from work? Worry not, for Old School Runescape (OSRS) on mobile is currently in its testing phase. If you weren’t chosen to test the app in its fledgling stages, you’ve waited a year, so waiting a little bit longer for its official release is totally possible, right?

So far, they’ve tested the Android version of the app, and the results are looking pretty good. The iOS beta closed on April 19th, so now the data from the testing will be analyzed. Soon after that, there may be an open beta test just to make sure everything runs smoothly before the official release.

Without further ado, here’s what we know about the app:

Device Requirements and App Costs

Since the dev team wants the app to be as accessible as possible, it’s likely that most mobile devices will be able to install and run the app. Consider that the original PC version of the game doesn’t need the most top of the line computer to run, so the app version won’t need the fastest phone or tablet, either. Of course, higher-end devices can make the app look and feel better, but if the game’s portability is your priority, a cheaper device will do.

Jagex says that the final app will be less than 100MB in size. However, future updates would increase that size, so keep your device open for expansion. As for data expenses, the app uses up 500kb-2MB of data per hour of play, so you can play without worrying too much about data. As for battery consumption, a decrease of 8-12% per hour is expected, but players are warned that values will differ when using different models and brands.

Lastly, for the price, the app costs absolutely nothing. OSRS on mobile will be free to download and play. However, similar to the PC version, there will be content locked behind a subscription fee. No word yet whether players will be able to pay for Membership or Bonds though App Store/Play Store credit. Since the app supports cross-platform play, it shouldn’t be much of a problem, as players can pay using their usual payment method on the computer instead.


The app is developed to run on the same servers as those who are playing on PC. That means you don’t have to make a new account to play the app, and you can shut down the computer and continue adventuring with your phone. It will also update as the original updates.

You’ll be able to raid with your friends, even when out of the house. Level up your skills while waiting for the bus, or farm OSRS gold while on the train. The possibilities are endless and at the tips of your fingers.

Worth the Wait

Maybe you’ve been selected to test the app. Whether you were or not, waiting for the official release will be necessary. There’s no word when that will be, but it can be expected soon, probably in the next few months. It’s right around the corner, so keep the hype alive.

Old School Runescape now available via your web browseris – just like it was back in the day. For now, continue enjoying Old School Runescape!



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