Western-Made Fatal Frame Movie is Still Happening

Western-Made Fatal Frame Movie

While Koei Tecmo is ramping up their Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water re-release, the developer has talked up other remasters or re-releases, and that the western-made Fatal Frame movie is still happening.

The new interview (via 4gamer) has Fatal Frame series creator Keisuke Kikuchi talking up the forthcoming re-release, and while he denies other remasters or re-releases are currently happening, he does confirm the western-made Fatal Frame movie is still in the works.

“Although it’s not a game, there is an overseas movie project in the works,” Kikuchi said in the interview. The western-made film has been in the works since the 2014-released Japan-made Fatal Frame movie, which saw a premiere in September of that year.

The director also talked up the demand for remasters of other games in the series, as Maiden of Black Water was released way back in 2014, the same year as the previous movie.

“Thankfully, we have received many such comments, but unfortunately, there are no plans for new titles or further remasters at this time,” Kikuchi said.

He added, “However, I’ve received more enthusiastic feedback and thoughts from fans than I could have imagined, so I’m personally hoping to have something to report when the next opportunity arises.”

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was previously set to launch digitally October 28th on Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Physical Asia-English version will be available for import via Play-Asia.

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