Cute soulslike game Weko The Mask Gatherer launches in July

Weko The Mask Gatherer

Publisher Hawthorn Games and developer SIRO GAMES have announced a release date for Weko the Mask Gatherer, their cute new soulslike game.

Weko the Mask Gatherer is launching on July 26th for Windows PC (via Steam). A playable demo is now available.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Wéko the Mask Gatherer is a captivating action-adventure game where you step into the shoes of Wéko, a mysterious adventurer on a quest to collect the 7 powerful Primordial Masks in a mesmerizing world full of dark and enigmatic secrets.

Embark on an extraordinary journey in Wéko the Mask Gatherer, a third-person action-adventure that seamlessly blends exploration and real-time combat. As Wéko, the intrepid adventurer and mask collector, you will traverse a progressively open world that encourages discovery. Overcome challenging missions and formidable foes, utilizing the power of masks to solve intricate puzzles, and unveil the vast secrets of a world waiting to be explored.


  • Combat – Engage in epic battles, utilizing the unique powers of each mask to adapt your fighting style and overcome formidable foes. Wield Wéko’s versatile arsenal with strategic timing, unleashing swift strikes and powerful blows while employing evasive maneuvers like rolls and shield parries to outwit and overpower your foes.
  • Explore – Discover diverse landscapes, from the vibrant and dreamy hues of Houshi Village to the shrouded whispers of the Dark Forest, each meticulously crafted to evoke emotions as deep as the depths of the Underground, where treacherous waters laden with poison challenge the bravest adventurers.
  • Puzzle – Dive into Wéko’s world full of puzzles. Help a farmer find his missing animals or solve complex puzzles to reach and obtain the seven Primordial Masks.
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