WB Games Montréal Release Possible Batman Morse Code Teaser

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UPDATE: We have added additional information about the Morse code and numbers to the original story below.

WB Games Montréal have revealed a cryptic new teaser for their upcoming Batman game, rumored to be called Batman Gotham Knight.

The new teaser video appears on both the Twitter accounts of WB Games Montréal, and another account they included in their message; @r3dakt3d. The tweet message and video contents are the same.

The video itself shows some form of tracking grid, with a symbol being drawn on the screen every so often. At one point, a grungy graffiti-style image of some kind of bird with a scythe appears for a split second.

Many have speculated this is related to the upcoming Batman announcement during the DC FanDome. However, hints to that game have implied the Court of Owls; an elite secret society that has controlled Gotham for generations, specializing in enforcing their rule through assassins called Talons.

The text is Morse code, reading “_ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ _”. Looking where there are extra spaces in the original tweet, this would be “- -/.- -/.- -/.- – -“. However, the last two characters lack a large enough space between them (but would become an impossible character in Morse code)

Under international Morse code, this is “MWWJ” (the tweet includes extra spaces between each dot and dash, which can give the erroneous “TTETTETTETTT”). It cannot be American Morse code, as there is no letter or number associated with “.- – -” (though M and W remain intact).

The exact meaning of this is not clear at this time. The Court of Owls has not had a motto or phrase associated with them that fits the MWWJ message. Further decoding via the numbers in the video may be needed. When the circle stops moving, these are 13, 82, 67, and 235.

Being the word “redacted” is used, it could also mean a sentence of four words- two letters each and a three letter word at the end. Though a sentence having relevance to Batman does not jump to the forefront of this writer’s mind.

You may not need to be the World’s Greatest Detective to decipher the clues in this teaser, but it is certainly proving to delve into knowledge that most may not know. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

The DC FanDome premieres August 22nd at 10 a.m. PDT via the official website. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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