WayForward Launches 2D Shooter Spidersaurs on Apple Arcade

WayForward has just released their 2D action-platformer Spidersaurs on the Apple Arcade subscription platform.

Created by the same team that worked on Contra 4, Spidersaurs is a goofy 2D shooter inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. To solve world hunger, the biotech company INGESTCorp creates a race of massive spider-dinosaur hybrids.

After their containment protocols are breached, the Spidersaurs have escaped and are now rampaging across the world. Now, its up to Victoria and Adrian to save humanity by eliminating this genetically engineered prehistoric menace. You can check out the launch trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

To solve world hunger, INGESTCorp creates eight-legged creatures with all the meat and muscle humanity needs to survive. When the facility is breached, the world is threatened by vengeful Spidersaurs, the tangy food with a bite that bites back! Count on Victoria and Adrian to stop them! As former INGESTCorp food testers, the unwitting duo gain Spidersaur Powers which they’ll need to save the day!

Key Features:

  • Intense, Saturday-morning-cartoon-style action!
  • Two distinct playable characters: punk rocker Victoria and officer-in-training Adrian!
  • Numerous weapons – including spread guns, lasers, and flamethrowers – plus upgrades!
  • Explosive environments including volcanoes, jungles, laboratories, and more!
  • A variety of unique and terrifying Spidersaurs to battle!
  • Unlock new Spidersaur abilities!


Frank was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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