Watch The First Gameplay Video For Survival Game UAYEB

Being developed by one man and boasting amazing visuals thanks to its use of Cryengine 3, indie survival game UAYEB just released its first full gameplay vid this week and is already looking fairly solid. The story, which has you waking up from a forced sleep after the world collapses in 2012, requires you find a way to survive against both the natural dangers of the ruined world outside as well as hostile scavengers who will do anything to make it through another day.

    UAYEB is an Adventure Game on PC.

    Explore and survive in a hostile environment.
    Discover Mayan artifacts that will lead you to the lost civilisation.
    Craft your equipment to be ready for the adventure.

    Drink, eat, sleep, avoid cold and hot places, keep up stamina, heal, recharge batteries, get weapons and ammunition.

    Follow the path of the Mayan civilisation.

    Find blueprints and resources to build up your equipment.

    Defend yourself against hostile survivors.

You can find out more about the project (Which is currently slated for release on Windows PC only) on its official website and the developer’s Facebook account as well.

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