Watch Pixels Evolve in The Adventures of Pip

TicToc Games have revealed an interesting new game in the form of The Adventures of Pip, a Kickstarter funded game that features a lowly pixel that dreams of rising to greatness.

We’ve seen similar games that feature extremely retro graphics, but this is one of the few that features characters that are able to upgrade their graphics, gaining pixels and evolving into newer, stronger forms. The game follows the adventures of a pixel named Pip, a boy (later on at least) whose kingdom is under attack by an evil queen who has a knack for stealing pixels.

The goal of the game is to advance Pip’s development into the highest resolution possible, so that he may have a chance at eventually defeating the dark queen. As you evolve Pip, he’ll gain new abilities and maneuvers like double jumping, dashing, equipping new weapons, and even powerful combo attacks.

The Adventures of Pip is headed by ex-WayForward staffer Shereef Morse, a man who worked as the art director on BloodRayne: Betrayal and A Boy and His Blob, alongside Marc Gomez, the creative director who is working on the project as well.

The team at TicToc Games are looking for $90,000 dollars to make the game a reality, and if the game is funded, it will be heading to Xbox One, Wii U, PC, and Mac.

If you want to pledge to The Adventures of Pip, head on over to their Kickstarter.

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