Wasteland 2 Has Entered Closed Beta

wasteland 2 ss 1

The day has finally come – Wasteland 2 is now open for beta, to backers of the kickstarter that is.

If you backed the game for $55 or more, you can download the beta right now and start playing an early version of the game. Naturally, Brian Fargo and the team at inXile Entertainment have reminded backers that the game is an unfinished product, and as such should not be chastised over unfinished things.

If you’re looking to write about or stream stuff from the beta, Fargo actually clarified that the restrictions are pretty open:

“For the Wasteland 2 beta, we are not putting any restrictions on written and video coverage. Feel free to stream the game, produce YouTube videos, blog about it or write articles about it. You’re free to use any revenue programs available, such as the YouTube Partner program. The only thing we ask is that you explicitly mention that this is a backer/early access beta, and not necessarily representative of the final product.”

If you missed out on backing the project, you can still do so by buying the game on their website. If you buy the game now at the $55 tier or above you can still get into the beta right now.

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