Warstride Challenges early access preview

Warstride Challenges early access preview

Starting off our Warstride Challenges early access preview, the game is inspired heavily by Quake and Doom, and just hit early access.

Warstride Challenges is a franticly fast-paced shooter with zero room for error and I have to say – that’s exactly how I like it. Being a competitive Quake player from back in the day this game puts a giant smile on my face.

The purpose of this game is to race to the finish of the level and kill all of the monsters along the way. To do so you’ll have to make clever use of “Bunny Hopping” a movement mechanic popularized in Quake.

Mastering movement is key, along with an arsenal of guns and special abilities like a Rocket Stomp, Grappling Hook, Slow Down, and more. If you’re not familiar with these terms don’t panic youngling, the game starts you off slow and does a great job at teaching you what you need to do.

Here’s our Warstride Challenges early access preview:

To further incentivize you, Warstride has a “Nemesis” mode, where you can insert three other players from the leaderboards or friends list, meaning yes- you can race against your favorite streamers and YouTubers. You can even race against me if you want. The game is in early access and the developers do intend on adding live races to the game too, however they are not in the current version of the game.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in a long time. Not only is it nostalgic, but it’s also incredibly challenging with the margins for a platinum medal being literal milliseconds.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Warstride Challenges

Race, aim, fire! Blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights across a series of increasingly intense trialsSlow time to pull off impossible headshots, bunny hop to pick up speed, slide around corners, and shred foes with destructive shockwavesDie and retry to pull off the perfect run, then prove your worth on the global leaderboard to let the world know you’re the greatest demon slayer.

Race against the clock to overcome every challenge that comes your way, unlocking and unleashing an arsenal of devastating weapons and powers. Compete with your friends and the community to get the highest score and race the ghosts of anyone online – even your favorite streamers! Whether you’re an eSports pro or a shooter beginner, you’ll progress to become an FPS master.

  • Get in the flow: blast hordes of demons in satisfying, bloody combat
  • Die and retry to get the highest score: show the world you’re the greatest demon slayer!
  • Challenge anyone online, racing them async with the Nemesis Mode
  • Create, share and play unique challenges from the community

Warstride Challenges is currently available on Steam.



Mineya is a mixed martial artist, comic book creator, author, and musician whose first video game experience was playing Laura Bow & Space Quest on his Grandfathers Dos Machine.

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