Warlander delays console release


Developer ToyLogic has just released a new patch for their fantasy war game Warlander alongside confirming its console ports are delayed.

The console versions of the game were due to come out this month, but have been postponed to a later date. For now, this new patch adds a host of new changes.

In Warlander, players throw themselves at the enemy team in massive fantasy battles as a warrior, cleric, or mage. The goal is to siege the enemy’s castle and lay waste to the core of their base.

Players can fight skirmishes on the frontlines or focus their efforts on supporting their team by constructing siege weaponry and defenses. Groups of players are assigned units at match start but no one is strictly beholden to these roles.

Here’s a rundown on the game:


Warlander is an action-packed, third-person, online-multiplayer game, with a unique style that mashes a Medieval-inspired setting, Fantastical items and abilities…and…EVEN POWERFUL ROBOTS!

Featuring intense competitive skirmishes and epic castle siege warfare with up to 100 players, you must use the almighty powers of god-like Warriors, Clerics, and Mages, as well as siege weapons and cataclysmic spells to control the battlefield.

To be victorious, you must work as a team, defend your Keep, and tactically break into the enemy’s stronghold to destroy their core!


  • Innovative Genre Hybrid – Across its 2 Army Battle & 5 Army Battle game modes, Warlander combines the tactical team-fighting of a modern-day MOBA, the knock-out style gameplay of a Battle Royale, a smooth blend of 3rd person hack-and-slash and ranged combat, and a touch of 4X-inspired strategic diplomacy – all within large scale battles of up to 100 players.
  • Multi-Layered Gameplay – Features fast-paced action combat and shrewd decision-making where you must play to the role of your squad, by either defending your castle and core with anti-siege weapons – roaming the battlefield to intercept the enemy, capture towers, and fire mighty catapults – or by infiltrating the enemy Keep with siege weapons and epic cataclysmic spells. Defeating enemies, building devices, and completing objectives will earn you Valor points which can be used to bring powerful versions of your characters into the fray and help you turn the tide of battle!
  • Action Driven Tactics – Tactically maneuver and control the battlefield by following the directions laid out by your Commander, controlling spawn towers, and utilizing the available siege devices to remove the enemy stronghold fortification layers. Gates, walls, and bridges can be destroyed to create choke points or new paths into the enemy keep, and alliances can be made or broken to swing the momentum of battle.
  • Power to Play Your Way – Create an eclectic roster of deeply tailored class-based characters, each with their own loadout of rarity-based and customizable equipment, skills, and talents, as well as emotes, and dance moves. The choice is yours – build decks that are balanced, look to fill specific roles, or feature multiple ways to play your favorite class – then take them into battle and dominate your foes!

Warlander is available now on PC with next gen console ports coming later. You can check out our review here! (It’s actually pretty fun!)

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