Warhaven from Nexon will shutdown without ever leaving Early Access


Nexon’s multiplayer action game Warhaven is set to shut down despite only releasing into Early Access about four months ago.

Warhaven was set to be an action-packed multiplayer battlefield set in a medieval setting complete with knights and siege weaponry. However the game launched into Early Access to “Mixed” reviews on Steam. Many of the negative reviews complain about the balance while praising the basic gameplay, with one review even calling it The most avoidable shut down.

Leadership in the game’s direction has more than likely been destructive as they couldn’t decide on what their game should be. Which itself coincides with my last point of why the game has otherwise failed.

The game has no identity by trying to placate to all forms of players, and as such has lost the playerbase for the content was lacking across all directions and the radical changes alienated the already small player count.

For anyone reading who thought Warhaven looked fun, we might suggest Warlander, a similar multiplayer battlefield with a bit more of a cartoony aesthetic. You can check out our review here.



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