Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Baleful Edict dev diary introduces the capital ship

Baleful Edict dev diary

Frontier Foundry and Complex Games shared a new Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Baleful Edict dev diary, focusing on the capital ship and its mechanics.

The Baleful Edict is the Grey Knight strike cruiser you are assigned to, and acts as your base of operations in the mission to stop The Bloom, a virulent Nurgle plague spreading across the galaxy.

Between missions, you will return to the Baleful Edict to interact with other characters, advance the story, research technologies, upgrade your Grey Knights, and make improvements to your cruiser to better fight against the Ruinous Powers.

Here’s the new Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Baleful Edict dev diary:

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Lead humanity’s greatest weapon, the Grey Knights, against the corrupting forces of Chaos in this brutal and fast-paced turn-based tactical RPG. Root out and put a stop to an insidious plot to infect the galaxy with The Bloom, an intergalactic cosmic plague capable of rotting worlds into oblivion.

Armoured in faith, shielded by devotion, the Grey Knights’ very existence is rooted in mystery, enforced with mind-wipes and executions. Experience life in the 41st millennium and follow the journey of these elite warriors in a narrative penned by acclaimed Black Library author, Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Upgrade your base of operations, build new facilities, conduct research into arcane mysteries and engage in combat missions across multiple worlds to purge the spread. The Bloom corrupts without prejudice; your choices will affect which planets succumb… and survive.

Command your own, personalised squad of Grey Knights; learn a range of diverse skills and psychic abilities, unlock powerful equipment and specialise your champions into four unique standard and hero classes. Each of your warriors can be customised with voice, armour and facial options to make them your own.

Grey Knights are an elite chapter of Space Marines and are not in the business of making mistakes or missing their shots. The Precision Targeting system puts you in control of your tactical decisions, allowing you to plan your strategy with confidence, whether by taking shots from afar with sure-fire accuracy, or dismembering and dismantling a foe in brutal melee combat!

As The Bloom corrupts worlds, environments will evolve and erupt with deadly hazards and minions, cultists and the infamous Death Guard Chaos Space Marines will mutate with pestilent boons and blessings, giving them new attacks and abilities. Adapt your tried and tested strategies to overcome unsurmountable odds against towering foes and their servants.

Charge headlong into fast-paced tactical combat. Eviscerate and execute enemies up close in gory displays of prowess, or strike from afar with blessed bullets and powerful psychic energies. Use the dynamically destructible environment to your advantage by tearing down pillars or slamming vehicles into unsuspecting enemies.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters releases May 5th for Windows PC via Steam.

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