Warframe – Secrets in the Walls hidden site reward

Warframe Whispers in the Walls

The official site for the Whispers in the Walls update has a hidden reward, can you spot where it is?

Warframe players who visited the official Whispers in the Walls website may have been so excited with the new features that they completely missed this little easter egg.

There are three grimoires hidden in the official update page, which give you a reward when clicked.

The first grimoire is hidden behind Sevagoth, right as you start scrolling the page. The second grimoire is found by clicking on Kalymos, the sphynx cat. The third one is hidden all the way down, on the official Warframe merch announcement.

Each grimoire you click is added to a tab near the top of the site, right next to the “Cross Platform Save” option. Clicking that tab after collecting all three grimoires grants you a Sanctum Loid Display.

The Duviri Paradox update site also had a similar puzzle present in it, which you can still complete to gain a unique reward.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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