Warframe – How to unlock Kullervo

Warframe Kullervo Duviri

Kullervo’s seven crimes have not gone unpunished, but it’s been long enough, and he’s earned his forgiveness.

Duviri’s Warframe, Kullervo, is a really unique one, featuring his own boss fight, as well as some really extensive lore that details his background and crimes, which have led him to be incarcerated in the Duviri time loop.

It’s pretty easy to go through Duviri without ever seeing Kullervo or his boss fight, as they don’t show up as main objectives, so we prepared a guide on how to encounter and unlock him.

Kullervo is imprisoned in an island to the south of Duviri called Kullervo’s Hold. This island only manifests during Anger, Fear, and Sorrow spirals of the Duviri Experience game mode.

The Drifter can challenge Kullervo by speaking to the Warden on top of the island, which will start a 3-phase boss fight against the Warframe. Kullervo fights similarly to other enemies in Duviri, but has some unique mechanics of his own.

The first phase of the fight is a pretty straightforward battle, where the player simply needs to damage Kullervo enough. The second phase brings in new mechanics, as the ground will be littered with exploding daggers, and in the third phase, Kullervo is accompanied by a group of Persecutor Liminus enemies, who will stab him for a big amount of damage upon being defeated.

Defeating Kullervo nets players 4-6 Kullervo’s Bane, which are used to purchase his parts and blueprint, as well as his weapon. Players can purchase all items related to Kullervo from Acrithis, totaling 42 Banes for everything.

It’s worth noting that players can’t simply join the Duviri Experience, defeat Kullervo, and leave, as the Banes are awarded only after defeating the Orowyrm, meaning that the five bounty stages and the Orowyrm encounter are needed to progress.

It’s recommended to fight Kullervo only after collecting five decrees, although the Sampotes mace that can be purchased for 50 Pathos Clamps deals a massive amount of damage to him, making the encounter much easier to clear without any upgrades.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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