Warframe – How to unlock Citrine

Warframe Citrine Mirror Defense

Do you feel like maybe taking on a support role in Warframe? Then Citrine is perfect for you.

Citrine is Warframe‘s most previous gem, serving as an amber gemstone who protects her allies at all costs.

Citrine is one of the many Warframes that require you to complete the Heart of Deimos quest, featuring a whole new game mode specifically revolving around unlocking her.

Citrine doesn’t have any major quest associated with her, instead having her main blueprint drop from the Mirror Defense mode.

The Mirror Defense game mode can be found on Mars, and has the chance to reward players with one of her parts every C rotation.

Thankfully, if luck isn’t on your side, Citrine can be acquired by a pity system, as every completion of the Mirror Defense mission awards players Belric Crystal Fragments and Rania Crystal Fragments.

Each of her parts costs 350 of both crystal fragments, except for her systems. The main blueprint costs 500 of each crystal fragment, totaling 1,550 Rania and 1500 Belric Crystal Fragments for the whole character.

Citrine’s weapons can also be acquired from the Mirror Defense mode, with the main blueprints coming from rotation A and the weapon parts coming from rotation B.

These parts and blueprints can also be purchased for Crystal Fragments, although they can also be traded between players, making them much easier to acquire than the Warframe.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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