Warframe – How to get Eros Wings Guide

Warframe Eros Wings Star Days

Warframe‘s Star Days event is now live, bringing us a bunch of in-universe Valentine’s day goodies.

The event features cute glyphs, emotes, weapon skins, and most importantly, the Eros Wings ephemera.

The full event store can be accessed in Fortuna by talking to Ticker, whose corner has been decorated with a pink neon pair of wings, which you can also buy for your Orbiter.

Players need to save the citizens of Fortuna from debt by purchasing their debt-bonds from Ticker, which can then be exchanged for the event items.

Aside from purchasing them from Ticker, these debt-bonds can occasionally be earned by completing Eudico’s bounties. Limited-time Gift of the Lotus alerts have also been popping up with debt-bond rewards to make this grind easier.

Below you can view all contents present in Ticker’s Star Days store:

  • Eros Wings Ephemera
  • Cherub Color Palette
  • Ticker Floof Decoration
  • Neon Eros Wings Decoration
  • Left Hand of Eros Emote
  • Right Hand of Eros Emote
  • Star Days Deimos Glyph
  • Star Days Gauss Glyph
  • Star Days Helminth Glyph
  • Star Days Lavos Glyph
  • Star Days Necramech Glyph
  • Eros Arrow Skin
  • Snipetron Blueprint
  • Ignis Wraith Blueprint
  • Star Days Yareli Glyph
  • Star Days Grineer Glyph
  • Star Days Ordis Glyph
  • Acceltra Solstice Skin
  • Skiajati Solstice Skin
  • Kuva Solstice Cloak
  • Frostfall Ephemera
  • Revenant in action Glyph
  • Protea in action Glyph
  • Xaku in action Glyph
  • Star Days Gyre Glyph
  • Star Days Kavat Glyph
  • Star Days Ticker Glyph
  • Monotone Ember Glyph
  • Monotone Kullervo Glyph
  • Monotone Mesa Glyph
  • Monotone Octavia Glyph
  • Monotone Rhino Glyph
  • Monotone Styanax Glyph
  • Monotone Xaku Glyph
  • Dual Swords Stavika Skin
  • Necramech Statue Decoration
  • Star Days Cervulite Pat Glyph
  • Star Days Qorvex Heart Glyph

Players have until February 29, 2024, to purchase what they want from Ticker’s store, otherwise they’ll have to wait a full year until the Star Days event is available again.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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