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Warframe Credits Farm

Credits are needed for everything in Warframe, from leveling up mods to crafting weapons, but how can you acquire them in large quantities?

Loads of events give out a reasonable amount of credits, like the Fomorian Disruption, which rewards players with 200 thousand credits per event completion, but what if you simply need more than that?

Well, then you better start working towards the Glast Gambit quest, which unlocks the best place for farming Credits in Warframe.

The Glast Gambit quest features a series of missions in which players defy Nef Anyo’s greed, by winning a series of deathmatches in which the Corpus bet what is most precious to them: Credits.

After clearing the quest and unlocking the main blueprint for the Nidus Warframe, players will have access to the Index node in Jupiter, in which you can bet in your own matches.

Players can bet 30 thousand credits for a 105 thousand return, 40 thousand credits for a 175 thousand return, and 50 thousand credits for a 250 thousand return.

The High Risk Investment node in which you bet 50 thousand credits is usually the most popular one, but it also comes with a nasty debuff called Financial Stress.

The Financial Stress debuff lowers the health and shields of your Warframe, making it extremely hard to carry points, but thankfully, one Warframe can completely ignore these mechanics.

Rhino can tank thousands of damage with his Iron Skin ability, making him a prime candidate for carrying Index points, as the value of his health and shields don’t matter as long as his Iron Skin armor is active.

The most sound strategy is to camp the enemy spawn with a strong weapon as Rhino, and deposit every 20 Index Points you collect, as they cap out the extra bonus on +10, totaling 30 Index Points per deposit.

Going in solo as Rhino is a pretty reasonable strategy for players who want to make a quick buck, but certain Warframes with crow control can also help make matches smoother.

Limbo is a fantastic goal defender due to his stasis skill, making it so enemies aren’t able to deposit points, while Khora and Frost can keep the enemies stuck in their own base with various crowd control abilities.

Most compositions work, as the Index isn’t too difficult, although players should always be cautious to not let their accumulated points get into the hands of the enemies, as the game can end instantly as soon as a team reaches 100 points.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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