Warframe – Every feature planned for Whispers in the Walls

Warframe Whispers in the Walls

Warframe‘s newest content patch is a few days away from dropping, and here you can take a look at all the promised features.

The Whispers in the Walls update plans to shed more light at the Man in the Wall, a mysterious entity that feels connected to all aspects of the game’s lore, as well as link back to some lore hinted by the family in Deimos.

Whispers in the Walls feels like one of the biggest Warframe updates in a while, and below you can take a look at everything planned for it:


The chunky Warframe Qorvex will be the poster child of the update. His main themes are cement and brutalist architecture, as well as radiation damage.

We don’t know the very specifics of his skills yet, as some of them have been changed since the first look we got at the new Warframe, but his themes seem really straightforward

Qorvex will also be accompanied by an archgun worthy of his massive stature, as well as the Portcull syndana.

A new weapon type

Warframe‘s newest weapon type is the tome, as Digital Extremes has seemingly taken a page from Nier‘s book (Get it?).

The tomes are another part of the update that are shrouded in mystery, but are speculated to be secondary weapons.

In the update page, Digital Extremes promises tome-specific mods and as unique skins, meaning that the weapons aren’t simply a reskinned pistol, and will have their own gameplay style and mechanics.

New tilesets

The Whispers in the Walls update will bring new sets of levels to Warframe, including a subterranean area that expands upon the lore found in Deimos, as well as an environment based around the Man in the Wall.

Alongside the tileset, players will find a new enemy faction, which is supposed to be entirely different from the Corpus, Grineer, or infested.

It’s worth noting that the last new tileset added to Warframe was in 2019, the Jupiter gas city remake, so having two new tilesets announced for the new update is a massive selling point for this content.

New game modes

Following the trend set by the Zariman and Duviri updates, Warframe continues to expand into new game modes.

The promised new activities are: Alchemy, Assassination, and Netracells.

The Alchemy game mode seems to be the most unique one, as players are tasked with defending vials filled with different types of elemental energy, while the Assassination game mode features a unique boss fight against the Fragmented One, an entity sent by the villain of this new storyline.

The Netracell game mode seems to be a retreading of the dragon key orokin vault missions, but this time themed around Necramechs. At the moment it is unknown what detrimental effects the keys will have on the player, but they will definitely make things more challenging.

Cross platform saves

Probably the most exciting feature for console players who want to migrate to PC or vice-versa, as Warframe will allow players to merge their accounts on different devices.

The game already features crossplay between PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, with the possibility of mobile in the future as well, but all of those accounts were kept separately, not allowing players to carry their progress over.

The account merge service will start rolling out in December, 2023, and is only available to accounts created before November, 2023. The account merge is permanent, and allows players to carry their progress everywhere, which is a massive convenience for those who like playing on the go.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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