Warcraft Rumble Sneed PvP Guide

Goblin Shredder

Blizzard’s latest mobile game Warcraft Rumble came out a week ago, and in that time the meta of PvP is slowly taking shape. Almost every Leader has a spot in the meta and this time we’re looking at Sneed, the goblin shredder pilot from the Deadmines.

What does Sneed do?

Sneed as a leader has the passive Sneed Before Greed, this passive grants the player 2 gold whenever a Siege unit captures a tower, a meeting stone, or a gold chest. This means that chests popped by Sneed or any other Siege unit give 2 additional gold. If leveled up, his talents are:

Mine Is Money, Friend! which gives Sneed the Miner trait, his attack mines much faster than the default kobold and he can contest mining nodes with his superior combat ability.

Lead with Greed gives players an additional 2 gold when he triggers Sneed Before Greed and can give players a huge gold advantage early on.

Land Grab gives Sneed a level whenever Sneed Before Greed triggers.

Which Talent do I pick?

Among the three, Land Grab is the worst by far. As a melee unit with an AoE attack, Sneed is easily countered by flying units and single target units. Even with improved stats, a well-rounded team can pull out a counter for Sneed and the bonus levels become worthless. They can even work against you if your opponent is running a Banshee.

Our choice is Mine Is Money, Friend!, this allows Sneed to contest mine nodes and with his decent quick cleave attack he can get all 3 gold out of a node in no time. Lead with Greed is a close second if you play around it.

What units work with Sneed?

Our team of choice is:

  • Warsong Raider: This unit is a must-have, it’s a siege unit with a quick speed. She’s a perfect first drop in a PvP battle to pick up chests on your side of the map and proc Sneed Before Greed.
  • Harpies: Harpies are a good defense against enemy Gargoyles and can shred enemy melee units and leaders like Molten Giant or Tirion Fordring.
  • Quillboar: This Unbound unit can reinforce pushes and distract ranged attackers when placed behind enemies to allow Harpies to do some work. They can even tank turret shots well and can be placed right before your Warsong Raider or Sneed reaches turret range to allow them more time to do damage.
  • Banshee: One of the most difficult types of unit to deal with are tanky single units. Abominations and Stonehoof Taurens can push through most anything. Use a Quillboar to eat a hook or charge which would otherwise kill your Banshee and steal your opponents big hitters.
  • Huntress: You need a ranged AoE to counter enemy Harpies, and they also have the benefit of being able to reach Necromancers with their ricochet.
  • Blizzard: This is just a strong spell overall and helps counter waves of Unbound minis.


This particular team struggles against Grommash lists that can get a lot of value with Bloodlust on aggressive units. If you lost map control, you won’t benefit from Sneed Before Greed and can fall behind very easily. Keep up the pressure!

Drakes are another challenging unit for this list and can wipe out Harpies and even your Huntress depending on the battlefield. Try and catch these with a Banshee as long as there aren’t any bigger threats.

Goblin Sappers?

While thematically consistent, Goblin Sappers are hard to use. Savvy players can give up Banshees for Sappers and try and line them up to go down uncontested lanes after your opponent spends a lot of gold. But without the Rocket Powered Boots talent, they can be difficult to pull off.

Warcraft Rumble is available now on mobile devices!

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