War Thunder gets worldwide mobile release

War Thunder Mobile

Realistic military vehicle combat game War Thunder is now available for iOS and Android players

You can read the announcement below:

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the new online military action game War Thunder Mobile has been launched in the App Store and Google Play services worldwide. The game is also available for download in APK format at the official website. War Thunder Mobile features hundreds of historically accurate ground, naval and air war machines that have been carefully modeled in line with properly declassified documents.

Over the past six months, War Thunder Mobile has gone through several stages of alpha and beta testing, during which it has been polished, optimized and improved: for example, a HUD editor, a convenient teammate search interface, and customization of vehicles have been added. Two major updates have been also released bringing new tanks, ships and aircraft, as well as new maps.

To celebrate this release, all users who log into War Thunder Mobile before August 29th will receive the American destroyer USS Nicholas and a platoon of French armored vehicles in unique camouflages as a gift.

War Thunder Mobile is now available on Android and iOS.



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