Waifu Wednesday: Fuyuki Minami

Minami Fuyuki Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column where we talk about characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today’s waifu is Fuyuki Minami from Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable! (Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi), and the first heroine the male lead meets.

Minami is a “gal” (or gyaru if you’re cultured) from Hokkaido. She’s dedicated to her aesthetic of blonde hair, flashy clothes, and an outgoing personality. Of course, it’s hard to wear trendy clothes and short skirts in the cold Hokkaido snow!

She’s voiced by Sakura Ayane, who’s known for her work on recent series such as Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy as Tomoe, Yasaku Rei in Do it Yourself, and more.

You can see more of Minami being cute in her own character PV released before the series.

Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable! (Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi) premiered earlier this month as part of the Winter 2024 anime season.



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