Waifu Fighter is a new hentai boxing game that lets players respect women

Waifu Fighter

Finally, the most obscure genre of video-games makes its comeback, hentai boxing, with new game Waifu Fighter.

Waifu Fighter, an ambitious new take on the niche genre, was recently released on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

For those not in the know, Newgrounds had a substantial amount of first-person boxing games in which the reward was some spicy art, the genre essentially died alongside Flash Player, but Waifu Fighter brings it back full force.

The game is pretty self-aware and has a good sense of humor, as seen in the dialogue between fights, which is definitely why people are buying the game, to have a laugh.

Speaking of buying the game, the developers claim that the game sold 50,000 copies in four days. We can’t check these numbers, so I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it.

The developers already have another title in the works, called Waifu Warrior F-ist, set to release in roughly 7 months; which seems to be using the exact screenshots that Waifu Fighter uses, so we don’t know what will change.

According to a Steam Q&A, the developers are currently working on adding some quality of life settings to the game and Steam Deck support, meaning that players will now be able to respect women on the go.



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