Wadjet Eye Seek Crowdfunding for New Text-Based Vampire RPG, Nighthawks

Wadjet Eye Games and Richard Cobbett’s upcoming text-based vampire RPG, Nighthawks, is now on Kickstarter.

Wadjet Eye Games has built a name for themselves creating point and click PC adventure games inspired by classics from the ’90s. In fact, I just covered their latest game, Unavowed, in a recent Niche Spotlight.

Richard Cobbett, meanwhile, is a writer and game designer perhaps best known for his work on the Fallen London games Sunless Sea and Sunless Sky. Together, they hope to bring gamers a deep text-driven roleplaying experience in a urban fantasy world inspired by the likes of Vampire: The Masquerade and True Blood.

You play as a fledgling vampire still learning how to deal with their new un-life in a world where vampires are commonplace, and deeply mistrusted by mortals. Use your new vampiric powers, and the alliances you build, to navigate the seedy world of the “nocturnal 9-to-5.” You can view a gameplay demo in the trailer above.

The minimum pledge required to get a copy of Nighthawks is $20. This also includes your name in the backer credits and the chance to name an NPC. The game is currently just shy of halfway to it’s funding goal of $125,000, with two weeks to go.

Should things go smoothly, Nighthawks is planned to release on PC and Mac in May 2020.

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