Waddle Dee plush doll will keep you warm in winter

Waddle Dee

Orders are open now for a Waddle Dee plush doll “warmer” based off the notorious sometimes friend, sometimes enemy from the Kirby franchise. But this toy isn’t just a plush doll.

The Waddle Dee plush warmer connects via USB and contains a carbon-resin heater inside. This causes the doll to become warm and makes for a comfy lap companion as we start to get into the colder months.

For those with safety concerns, the doll allegedly has an auto-shutoff feature after an hour of use. Premium Bandai has previously released an officially licensed Kirby warmer that operates in the same fashion.

The Waddle Dee warmer isn’t yet available on the Premium Bandai site, but other vendors such as Hobby Genki have already begun taking pre-orders. The plush doll/warmer will set customers back about $55 USD. Possibly more depending on shipping costs and currency conversion.

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