VTuber agency WACTOR reveals personal info of former talent Hina Misora

Hina Misora WACTOR

The VTuber company WACTOR has assumed control of the Twitter and YouTube accounts for former talent Hina Misora and used them to publish a statement effectively “doxxing” her.

Misora went on a hiatus late last year before confirming her contract with WACTOR had been terminated early in February 2023.

On February 28, WACTOR posted an official statement on Misora’s Twitter and YouTube explaining that Misora’s actress had allegedly acted irresponsibly and caused damage to WACTOR. The announcement included the identity of Misora’s actress, but went even further by publishing her address as well.

You can read the statement below with the personal information removed:

The firm WACTOR Co. LTD hereby communicates to whom it may concern that Miss [REMOVED] with [REMOVED] who gives life to the virtual character MISORA HINA, is no longer an integral part of the firm, delimiting all responsibility for its actions.-

This determination was adopted given the constant contraventions and breaches of the commercial contract signed between the parties, violation of the norms and rules of the firm, having an irresponsible act, contrary to all rules of ethics and confidentiality, causing economic and moral damages, for which the firm WACTOR Co. LTD will initiate legal and judicial actions against it.-

Likewise, the provisions of point four of the contract, which refers to the payment of the respective fine, will be made effective.

Translation: Google, Emphasis: Ours

WACTOR also published a video with the same message and personal information, but at the time of writing it has been “removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying”.

This isn’t the first time WACTOR has revealed personal information about former employees, Shino Laila also had her real name posted on the official company Twitter under similar circumstances.


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