VR hack-and-slash Tiger Blade announces release date

Tiger Blade

Slice and dice in this intense upcoming VR experience, exclusive to PlayStation.

Tiger Blade is set to release November 17, 2023, for PlayStation VR2.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Big Sugar and developer Ikimasho are delighted to share the news that Tiger Blade, an intense VR experience inspired by the very best of Korean neo-noir action cinema, will launch exclusively for PlayStation VR2 on 17th November. A new trailer confirming the release date is available to watch below and can also be downloaded from the press kit. Set in an alternate Korea, players are thrust into the role of a deadly assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans who is trying to protect some very precious cargo from the ruthless gangs of Sewoon. Combining fast-paced sword and gun combat, Tiger Blade is acted out at an exhilarting tempo.

At the core of its intense gameplay is the slash ‘n’ dash mechanic – slash an enemy with the sword, and the player auto-dashes to the next action hotspot. A secondary means of movement is provided via a grapple, which is equipped in the off-hand and used to hook and swing at marked points. The sense of speed and physical flow carries through into the gunplay, with quick reactions required to shoot incoming threats, grab temporary cover, block bullets, or snatch an enemy’s more powerful firearm from their hands and into yours.


  • Feel the rush of fast-paced combat: There’s barely time to catch a breath as you slash with your razor-sharp jingum, grab cover with your grapple hook, and pop-off shots from your pistol to take down gun-wielding grunts
  • A high-stakes chase through Sewoon: Several distinct districts of the Korean city – such as marketplaces, docks, and alleyways – have been carefully designed to ensure the 10 action-packed stages feel both authentic and atmospheric
  • Designed to be highly replayable: If you want to boss the leaderboards and be a true Tiger Blade master you’ll need to complete stages as fast as possible, take as few hits as possible, and collect all hidden medals
  • Created to leverage PS VR2’s exclusive features: Experience a sensory thrillride as the heart-pounding, non-stop action is further intensified with immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and headset rumble
  • A killer original Korean hip hop soundtrack: High-energy action demands high-energy music and that’s exactly what the K-hip hop soundtrack delivers, with tracks from artists including SINCE, Kitsyojii, Bryn, and Bruno Chapman
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