Voodolls Preview – Cute voodoo action/tower defense hybrid


Are you a fan of tower defense games? What about Voodoo Dolls? Do you like the game Orcs Must Die? Well if you answered yes to all three of these questions, then we may have the perfect game for you.

At PAX East 2023, we met with Tate Multimedia and SideRift to preview their upcoming game Voodolls, which is scheduled to be released next month for PC.

At the moment, there is no official announcement on whether or not the game will be released on consoles but Voodolls is an action tower defense game with cooperative gameplay available.

For the PAX East demo, we did not get to play with others. Instead, we had to take on the hordes by ourselves. Rather than seeking an explanation, from the developers, we decided to just jump right in.

Looking back at that choice now, it was clearly the wrong decision. Although we were able to make it through the demo, we still felt like it was a bit of a challenge.

The game offers you a variety of traps you can place. Before each round, the player can place traps along the lines that the enemies will move. It is important to not overload one pathway and expend all of your resources.

We sadly made that mistake and were forced to fight the waves without towers. That was definitely a challenge. Without knowing what each tower did also made it rather foolish to build random towers.

In fact, half the towers we built were pointless and did nothing until a certain enemy came. Once the wave had started, you could play in first person to fight off the mobs.

The game’s controls were fairly smooth. Although the levels appeared slightly childish, that seemed to be the point. The game felt like a child was taking his favorite toy against all other toys and making a game out of it.

After completing our demo, it’s clear that with a group of friends or family Voodolls could be a very fun game to play together. Voodolls is set to launch on May 11th for Windows PC (via Steam).

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