Voidtrain is coming to Steam years after Epic Games Store launch

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Developer Hypetrain Digital have announced their on-rails survival crafting title Voidtrain is finally coming to Steam this month.

The train-themed survival game is coming to Steam on May 9, 2023. The game has been available in an early access for via Epic Games Store since August 2021.

This latest iteration of the game will add in new features such as additional train modules, minigames, along with new story chapters and improved AI and NPCs. The full launch is planned for sometime in 2024. You can check out our preview of the game here.

Here’s a rundown of Voidtrain curtesy of Hypetrain Digital:


A fresh take on the survival genre – you control and upgrade your own train in an endless adventure full of surprises and dangers.

You play as mechanics who have fallen into a new world for them with their own rules and laws. Discover it, learn to survive in it, explore it. Immerse yourself in a new amazing adventure.

On the way you will meet outlandish creatures, many secrets, puzzles and challenges. Gather resources for crafting useful items and structures that help in your survival. Customize the train the way you want to, as you adventure between the amazing worlds of Void Train.


  • EXPLORE THE VOID – Explore a vast ever-changing world full of mysteries and unique places. Discover floating islands with puzzles and dangerous fauna. Make your way through minefields and visit depots. Meet adorable Rofleemo and make them part of your crew. The Void has much to offer for those seeking adventure, so get ready to accept its challenges!
  • BUILD YOUR TRAIN – You won’t simply expand the train, but you’ll build it yourself from scratch. Start with an empty trolley and develop it into a proper train with multiple wagons and an advanced engine. Customize the look of your train and fill it with all sorts of objects: from storages and workbenches to decorations and tables for mini games.
  • FIGHT TO SURVIVE – The Void is a dangerous place, and you’ll face a variety of enemies on your way: from regular soldiers to bloodthirsty sharks. Craft and customize your weapons and equipment, escape from being chased, stand against multiple enemy waves in the arenas, clear outposts and be prepared to constantly fight for your life.


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