Void Crew and Atlas Fallen Previews

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate but in outer space? What about an earth bender who can glide across land? If neither of these are your thing, how would you like to play a good Aliens video game? At PAX East 2023, we met with Focus Entertainment to preview three of their upcoming games.

Prior to PAX East, Focus Entertainment would only disclose that Atlas Fallen and Aliens: Dark Descent would be on the show floor; we were then asked if we’d also like to play an unannounced game. This unannounced game would be Void Crew.

Below is our preview of Focus Entertainment’s Atlas Fallen and Void Crew. We will also be sharing with you the game’s description alongside our experiences and impressions. If any of these games seem interesting, make sure to wishlist them. We will first start with Void Crew.

Void Crew

Void Crew is a game currently in development by Hutlihut Games and published by Focus Entertainment. The game is currently scheduled to be released for Windows PC (via Steam) sometime later in 2023.

Void Crew is an action-adventure game set in space where the only thing you need to fear is space itself. Well, that was a lie, you need to fear space and an enemy called the Hollow.

Since Human life is so valuable, humans are able to send down organic beings on ships to gather resources. Assemble your crew and gather resources to help humanity survive.

Since your characters respawn, it is okay to sacrifice one body in order to succeed; what is unacceptable is losing the ship. That is a precious and irreplaceable commodity and must be protected with your lives.

Fans of Sea of Thieves should be able to enjoy this game without too much transitional difficulty. Despite being on PC, the game offers strictly PVE gameplay where players must fight against mysterious beings in space and space itself. For the demo, we were required to try out the different ship roles in the mission. This meant us not only shooting from the ship but repairing the ship and flying it as well.

Thankfully flying the ship was one of the easiest tasks, especially if you have played Sea of Thieves or Halo. What felt like the most difficult task was repairing the ship; not only do you have to find out where the damage is, but manage your resources in order to repair it.

Repairing the ship could mean that you don’t have enough ammunition to take on enemies. Additionally, players must manage what equipment is active or risk overloading the electrical wiring and tripping the breakers; If the breaker is flipped and the central core is ejected, everything will shut down.

Overall, the game itself is rather enjoyable but a bit overwhelming at first; during your first mission, there is a high learning curve to figure out everything that is going on and things can change in an instant.

The game allows players to choose their difficulty, but if a player chooses a higher difficulty than their allies, it can make for a tougher experience. The resource management within the game seems rather balanced, but it will be interesting to see how the developers alter it based on difficulty.

Finally, the game’s character creation system allows players to bring their own personalities to their clones. Honestly, we look forward to when the game releases on PC; at the moment, it currently has a 2023 release date.

Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen is an Action-Adventure RPG currently being developed by Deck 13. The game is currently scheduled to be released on August 10th, 2023 across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Earlier, we jokingly asked if you would like to be an earth bender similar to Avatar; however, the main character’s abilities seem to mimic just that but through the use of sand.

Before we dive into our preview of this game, this was the demo that we spent the least amount of time with. Atlas Fallen’s overarching world seems rather vast, but with a limited amount of time, we did not have the opportunity to explore it.

Instead, we stayed on the linear path searching for an ally and helping them with their problems. The character’s ability to manipulate the earth around them created a rare experience leaving open the possibility of even raising a city from the depths of hell.

The combat within the game was rather interesting, especially with the gliding across the sand mechanic; this made for a unique experience where the earth was more of a powerful ally rather than a detriment hindering your fight to survive. In combat, enemies’ areas of weakness are exposed to help the player target vital points.

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